Aim Of Experiment

Experiment 1 - Experimental Study of Premixed Flame

Posted by Prof D P Mishra

  • To get a theoretical background of the premixed flame.
  • To gain some knowledge of establishing a premixed flame.
  • To understand the mechanism of flame stabilization in a Bunsen burner.
  • To estimate the laminar burning velocity of premixed CNG-air flame from flame images.
  • To understand the role of equivalence ratio on the burning velocity.

Experiment 2 - Observation on Flame height Laminar Jet Diffusion Flame

Posted by Prof D P Mishra

  • To have an appreciation of Jet Diffusion Flame.
  • To understand the concept of Diffusion Flame Height.
  • To derive a relation between laminar diffusion flame height and volumetric fuel flow rate through phenomenological analysis.
  • To observe the effect of volumetric fuel flow rate on laminar diffusion flame height through experiments and compare with phenomenological analysis.
  • To study the variation of flame height with Froude number and Reynolds number.
  • To compare the experimental result with Roper’s empirical formula.